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Marrakesh Mint

With its unique aroma, we present our classic, yet special, refreshing, and authentic Marrakish mint herbal tea, is picked handy...

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Ginger Lemon

The two of the world's most loved ingredients; we have blended warming ginger with the bright, fresh taste of lemons...

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A rich blend of the finest Egyptian chamomile flowers and fresh anise, it boasts loads of health and beauty benefits,...

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Dragon Pearl

This extraordinary Chines White Dragon Pearl grow in the prefect climate conditions for such type of tea. Each leave is...

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Pai Mu Tan

This unique white tea is made from small and delicate buds of the tea tree handy picked in early spring....

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Dong Ding

This Renowned and rather delicate Oolong tea from the high mountain of Taiwan. Oolong is known of the “Blue Tea’’...

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Moroccan Tea

A delicate, flavorsome and refreshing blend of green tea with Moroccan mint leaves, this iconic flavor brings you with the traditional...

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The classic and most popular Japanese green tea, where whole tea leaves are steamed and rolled into their traditional shape to...

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The extraordinary Chines famous Chun Mee or Green Tea is known in Chines as the “Precious Eyebrow Tea” remarked for...

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Earl Grey

For more than 180 years, the legendary Earl Grey is the most recognized tea in the world. We introduce our...

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Arabian Breakfast

The Signature recipe of Five Leaves presents the full-bodied, rich black tea inspired by the Arabian preferred strong black tea...

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English Breakfast

The famous classic English breakfast tea is brought to you from Assam India, robust and rich blind of black tea

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